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PAVE is a five-week Vanderbilt summer program designed for students who are planning to enter a college engineering, pre-medical/healthcare, science, or technology program. In addition to strengthening your background and having fun, PAVE can help you decide if an engineering, medical/healthcare,science, or humanities degree is really the field for you. Additionally, PAVE is a valuable experience if you are undecided as to a college major.

As a participant, you have the opportunity to improve your problem solving/critical thinking, technical writing, computer knowledge, and laboratory skills, as well as the ability to explore the humanities, work on application-oriented team projects, and attend a number of special-topic guest lectures/experiences. Additionally, participants who are involved in the musical arts, volunteering, and athletics during the school year can continue these and other passions during the PAVE program as well. If, after your undergraduate degree, you are considering obtaining a business, humanities, engineering, science, journalism, law, or medical/healthcare degree, you will benefit from having the experience that PAVE provides.

If you are an eleventh grader and are planning to take advanced placement or honors mathematics and science courses, the pre-college PAVE program will fortify your senior year and potentially improve your ACT, AP, SAT, and TOEFL test scores, while increasing your chances for admission when you apply to colleges. If you are a graduating high school student and are planning to attend any institution, this program not only exposes you to campus life, but also provides you with the experience to overcome the rough spots you may encounter.

The 2014 PAVE program is open to high school students who are in the 11th grade (class of 2015), 12th grade (class of 2014) or PG year during the 2013-2014 school year and runs from June 23, 2014 to July 25, 2014. Please note that every year a number of students who attend PAVE have to arrive late (e.g. making up snow days) or leave early (e.g. the next school year starts early). If you are in this situation, make-up and wrap-up sessions will be provided.

We enthusiastically encourage you to call our friendly staff to discuss how the PAVE program meets your specific goals and objectives. Please note that admission is on a rolling basis.

Founder's Program Objectives: "To provide a superior academic foundation for an undergraduate degree, comprehensive career insight for a bachelor degree and beyond, a non-summer school atmosphere, a diverse student body, and a well-rounded program for one of the best summers of your life." John Veillette, 1990.

If you would like to receive an application electronically or by mail, please fill in the Application Request Form.

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