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The University

Vanderbilt is a top ranked undergraduate university, located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. It is a private research institution and medical center offering a full range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

The Pre-College PAVE Program

The 2015 PAVE program is open only to first-year students who are matriculating to Vanderbilt in the summer of 2015. Students matriculating in the fall of 2015 to Vanderbilt are not eligible to participate in the 2015 PAVE program.

PAVE is a five-week Vanderbilt summer program designed students who are planning to enter Vanderbilt's engineering, pre-medical/healthcare, humanities, science, or technology based program as registered Vanderbilt students in the summer of 2015. In addition to strengthening your background and having fun, PAVE can help you decide if an engineering, medical/healthcare, science, or humanities degree is really the field for you. Additionally, PAVE is a valuable experience if you are undecided as to a college major.

As a participant, you have the opportunity to improve your problem solving/critical thinking, technical and reflective writing, computer knowledge, and laboratory skills, as well as the ability to explore the humanities, work on application-oriented team projects and explore emerging technologies, attend a number of special-topic guest lectures/experiences, and change your academic selections throughout the program. Additionally, participants who are involved in the musical arts, visual arts, volunteering, athletics, ballet, and dance during the school year can continue these and other passions during the PAVE program. If, after your undergraduate degree, you are considering obtaining a business, humanities, engineering, science, journalism, law, or medical/healthcare degree, you will benefit from having the experiences that PAVE provides.

The PAVE program not only exposes you to campus life, but also provides you with the experiences to overcome the rough spots you may encounter. Upon completion of the PAVE program, all students receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Program Dates

The 2015 session begins on June 22, 2015, and runs through July 24, 2015. Please note that every year a number of students who attend PAVE have to arrive late (e.g. making up snow days), or leave for an event during the program (e.g. family wedding). If you are in this situation, make-up sessions will be provided.

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